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Evolution Hair Design – Portland, Oregon

Written By: author image Gigi Cruz
author image Gigi Cruz

Meet Patty Putnam from Evolution Hair Design, Portland, Oregon.

In today’s SalonOtter feature, we cover the importance of good shampooing, why it’s time to embrace microblading, as well as their own personal story and drive to build one of Portland’s best hair salons.


Patty, tell us more about yourself

Since 1993, I have owned Evolution Hair Design, entering the salon industry in 1984. I got into the industry thinking it would be fun, and it usually is.

As a hair and beauty salon owner, my goal was to create an environment for designers to have fun and grow. This is also a place for guests to have a great experience in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

It is important that our guests look and feel good not just when they leave, but every day until their next visit.

Evolution hair Design Portland Oregon Styling

What will clients experience at Evolution Hair Design Portland?

We are located Downtown in the Goose Hollow/Stadium District neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.

We have always had an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and social. For example the area we apply color is set up in a way that our guests sit around a shared table. We offer a variety of beverages and many people have become friends over the years being in on the same day while their color processes.

Education is a high priority for everyone who works here. We have had several educators working here over the years. Currently, Tanja Weller who has been with the salon since the beginning, is a Loreal Professional Color Artist. This gives the salon invaluable knowledge of the latest science, trends, and color correction.

The integrity of hair is important to us. We have non-ammonia lighteners and hair color. We offer a treatment that repairs hair for up to 2 years of damage. Our designers are trained in precision cutting for all curl formations.

What specialties does Evolution Hair Design offer?

Educating our guests on the possibilities for their hair and overall look is our greatest joy. When a guest realizes their hair has texture or can be styled in a way they didn’t think possible. That is fun. The guest thinks it’s magical.

We offer microblading and semi-permanent makeup, threading, lash, brow, and waxing services. Again when someone has one of these services for the first time, they are so surprised at the difference it makes in their overall look.

All of our hair services include shampoo, conditioning, an amazing scalp massage, and styling. Plus we share detailed instructions on how best to care for your hair with products and how to style. Then each extra visit is all about checking in with the products and continuing to offer tips and alternative styling options.

What is your number one tip for a happy, healthy hair and beauty routine?

Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Most hair should be washed every 1-3 days. Shampoo twice always. The first one is to cleanse and the second is to get the benefits of the nutrients for the scalp and hair.

This is the foundation for everything else you are doing to your hair. For instance, if you are having trouble growing your hair out, or having trouble getting your style to hold. Or maybe if your hair always feels dry or seems to get oily too easily. These are signs you might be using the wrong shampoo and conditioner!

Evolution hair Design Promotion

What Portland hair, beauty, and fashion trends are you seeing right now?

We are seeing people embracing their natural texture. So we are showing our guests how to diffuse their hair. How to get different results by using different products.

As far as color goes. For Blondes, it’s all about soft French balayage. Whereas for Reds, it’s about being bold with dimensional accents. For Brunettes high shine with cool tones are in!

What hair and beauty products do you think should be in everyone’s day-to-day routine?

Loreal Professionel Metal Detox Serum. This product along with the shampoo and masque, has maintained the color, shine, and health including the ends of my hair like nothing I have ever used before.

Our Redhead guests who use the product come back to our salon and it is amazing how their hair has maintained its depth and shine. For someone growing their hair out, the ends are maintained for months without a trim needed.

Microblading should also be on everyone’s list. Having my eyebrows perfect with no effort every day is priceless!

Beyond Evolution Hair Design, who else would you like to give some love to?

Evereve Clothing – The team at this boutique in Bridgeport Village is so friendly and welcoming. They get to know you and your lifestyle and make recommendations. The store is always up to date with the latest styles and trends.

Who is your all-time hair, beauty, and style hero?

Cher & Jennifer Lopez

Which current celebrity or public figure is getting it so right with their hair, beauty, and styling?

Gwen Stefani & BeyoncΓ©

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our SalonOtter readers?

Our name is Evolution, so Grow. Change. Evolve.

That is what we are all moving towards. Always learning. Always trying to be better.

This year given all that we have been through since the pandemic. All that is happening in the world. Our salon isn’t going to cure cancer or stop a war. But I believe beauty can change the world. If you look good, you feel good. Then you can do good. That goodness will spread.

On a sunny day after a rainy day in Portland, you can see it on the faces of everyone you see.

Where can people find Evolution Hair Design Portland?

We’re at 909 SW 16th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

Check out our website to make a booking and we’re also on Insta

Thanks so much, Patty, we can’t wait to visit you and the Evolution Hair Design team again soon!

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