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Hair Oil Essentials: Top Picks for a Healthier You

Written By: author image Gigi Cruz
author image Gigi Cruz

Hair care is an essential part of personal grooming and specialized hair oil can play a pivotal role in maintaining healthy hair. Its use spans across cultures and history, serving as a treatment for dry scalp, a means to strengthen hair strands, and as a styling agent.

Hair oils come in various formulations, each catering to different hair needs such as hydration, growth stimulation, damage repair, and shine enhancement.

Celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, Miranda Kerr, Megan Markle, and Khloé Kardashian are well known for using hair oils, showing that to look and feel great, they should be in everyone’s day-to-day routine.

When choosing a hair oil, the key considerations include the hair type, the ingredients, and the intended use. Oils like coconut, argan, and almond are well known for their nourishing properties, while others such as tea tree and jojoba oils are sought after for their therapeutic effects on the scalp.

It’s crucial to select an oil that aligns with your hair’s unique requirements. For instance, lighter oils work well for fine hair, while coarse or curly hair types need more intense, penetrating oils.

So the team at SalonOtter has been hard at work choosing the best hair oils on the market right now that are guaranteed to give you an uptick in scalp and overall hair health.

Top Hair Oils To Elevate Your Hair Care Routine

We all want our hair to look its best, but with so many products out there, it can be tough to choose the right one. Whether we’re dealing with frizz, dryness, or just want to add a bit of shine, hair oil can be our secret weapon.

Below you’ll find the hair oils that really do stand out from the rest. Our picks are sure to give your locks the love they deserve, so let’s take a look at those that made the cut across our SalonOtter team.

Loma Nourishing Oil

We think this is a must-have for anyone wanting to safeguard and rejuvenate their hair, especially when dealing with damage.


  • Leaves hair remarkably soft and manageable
  • Offers thermal protection during styling
  • Features a delightful vanilla bean/orange scent

Ever since we started using Loma Nourishing Oil, our morning routine has been transformed. The sweet smell of vanilla and citrus lingers pleasantly, providing a soothing start to the day. Our tresses have never felt smoother, and it’s clear that this oil’s moisturizing benefits are quick and fast-acting.

The first time we tried it, the oil doubled as a heat protectant. Even after blow-drying, our hair retained its softness without any signs of damage. What’s impressive is the way it tackles humidity; frizz is kept at bay, which is a godsend on muggy days.

However, as usual, moderation is key. A little goes a long way, and overdoing it resulted in a less-than-ideal oily heft to our hair. But, when used sparingly, it will give you a wonderful sheen and suppleness. It’s a staple in our hair care arsenal now, and should be used by anyone seeking that extra nourishment.

Oribe Gold Lust Hair Oil

We think the Oribe Gold Lust Hair Oil is a top premium choice for those of you eager to revitalize dry or color-treated hair with a high-quality, nourishing solution.


  • Leaves hair feeling soft and luxurious
  • Has a delightful, signature scent
  • Non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly

After just one use of Oribe Gold Lust Hair Oil, we noticed our hair felt impressively softer and had a healthy shine that turned heads. Our ends, usually dry and brittle, seemed rejuvenated, and our hair’s overall texture had a silkiness that we couldn’t stop running our hands through.

The scent is another high point; the Cote d’Azur fragrance is sophisticated and lingers pleasantly, making it a significant departure from the sometimes overpowering or chemical smells of other hair treatments. A small amount is all it takes, ensuring that this oil lasts, giving us a lot of bang for our buck.

On the downside, the pump dispenser gave us a bit of a hard time, sometimes getting stuck or not delivering the right amount of product. Despite this minor hiccup with the packaging, the oil itself still feels like a luxurious treat for our hair.

The price is quite steep, but for those of you who want a true premium option then Oribe Gold Lust Hair Oil does feel like it’s worth the investment.

CHI Luxury Black Seed Dry Oil

We found that this CHI product is a standout choice if you’re seeking a luxe hair oil to revitalize and strengthen your hair.


  • Imparts a high-gloss shine without leaving residue
  • Enhances hair strength and combats frizz effectively
  • Free of overwhelming scents, a boon for sensitive noses

After working the CHI Luxury Black Seed Dry Oil through our hair, we were truly impressed by how quickly it absorbed. It left no greasy feeling behind, just a silky texture that had us running our fingers through our hair more than usual. It’s a real game-changer on those hectic mornings when time is a luxury we don’t have.

Now, we’ve got to talk about the shine — wow! It’s like our hair had its own spotlight, making us feel like we just stepped out of a salon. This isn’t the overpowering, artificial shine you get from some products; it’s the healthy, I-take-great-care-of-my-hair kind of shine.

We also noticed our split ends seemed less noticeable. It’s a bit like putting a smoothing filter on our hair in real life. With repeated use over a week, our hair felt stronger and looked thicker. And for those of us who are scent-sensitive, we appreciated that it didn’t conflict with our perfume — a subtle but significant plus.

Virtue Healing Oil

If you’re aiming for lustrous, healthy hair without a greasy residue, Virtue’s Healing Oil should be on your radar.


  • Leaves hair feeling rejuvenated and not oily
  • Enhances hair’s health over time
  • Comes with a pleasant scent

Since integrating this oil into our routine, we’ve noticed a significant boost in hair texture. With just a few drops, our ends appear more hydrated and overall, our hair feels softer. The lightweight nature of Virtue’s Healing Oil ensures that hair isn’t left feeling weighed down, which makes it perfect for a quick touch-up before heading out.

We’ve also seen a marked reduction in frizziness, which is fantastic if your hair is prone to unruliness. Applying it has become a pretty enjoyable process, thanks to the vanilla-tinged aroma that lingers pleasantly.

Given the effectiveness and luxury feel, the cost seems justified, though we do think that it’s a step up from your run-of-the-mill drugstore options. It’s not every day you find a hair oil that works consistently without the fear of greasy strands or an overpowering scent.

Jack Black MP 10 Nourishing Oil

We found this to be an excellent hair oil for anyone seeking a quality product with nourishing properties and a lightweight feel.


  • Provides a lightweight, non-greasy finish
  • Absorbs quickly, leaving hair soft and manageable
  • Versatile use for both skin and hair

After trying out the Jack Black MP 10 Nourishing Oil, our SalonOtter team noticed a real difference in hair softness and manageability. With its quick absorption, using it after a shower was a breeze, and we didn’t need to worry about any residue left on our hands.

Another thing we’ve loved about this oil is its versatility. While many products focus solely on hair, this one does double duty, soothing dry skin at the same time. My boyfriend used it on his dry beard, and it left the skin beneath hydrated without a heavy feel.

Hair Oil Buying Guide

Understand Your Hair Type

First, you need to know your hair type. Different oils work best on different hair types. So if you have dry, oily, thin, or thick hair, this should really influence your choice as we’ve detailed below.

  • Thin Hair: Light oils
  • Thick Hair: Heavier oils that penetrate deeply
  • Oily Hair: Non-greasy formulations
  • Dry or Damaged Hair: Oils with hydrating properties

Consider Ingredients

We’ll want to check the ingredients list for quality. Natural and organic oils without silicones, sulfates, and parabens are generally our best bet.

  • Natural Oils: Look for oils like coconut, argan, jojoba, or almond.
  • Avoid Harmful Additives: No silicones or sulfates.

Assess Your Scalp Needs

Our scalp condition is just as crucial as our hair type. We’re looking for oils that address specific scalp issues without exacerbating them.

  • Dry Scalp: Hydrating oils
  • Sensitive Scalp: Gentle oils with soothing properties
  • Normal Scalp: A balanced oil that isn’t too heavy or light

Determine the Purpose

Be clear on why you’re buying hair oil. Is it for daily use, a pre-shampoo treatment, or for styling?

  • For daily use: Use lightweight oils that don’t build up
  • For pre-shampoo: Choose oils that offer deep nourishment
  • For styling: Buy non-greasy oils that add shine without heaviness

Usage and Application

Let’s consider the ease of use. Pumps and dropper bottles can offer more control over the amount we use, which can be pretty handy when balancing your budget.

  • Pumps/Droppers: For precise application
  • Spray Bottles: For fine mists and even coverage

Price Point

Lastly, think deeply about your budget. A higher price doesn’t always mean better quality.

Look for the best value within your price range.

  • Budget: Decide on a spending limit
  • Value: Compare quantity and quality against the price

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