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Moisturizers with Hyaluronic Acid: Your Hydration Hero for Glowing Skin

Written By: author image Gigi Cruz
author image Gigi Cruz

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Maintaining healthy and hydrated skin is a cornerstone of any comprehensive skincare routine and moisturizers play a key role in this, offering a barrier to prevent moisture loss while replenishing skin’s hydration.

Among the many ingredients found in moisturizers, hyaluronic acid has gained welcome popularity for its exceptional ability to retain water. This naturally occurring substance is celebrated amongst health and beauty fans for its ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, which makes it a powerhouse for ensuring skin remains plump and hydrated.

Moisturizers with hyaluronic acid cater to a wide range of skin types, from the driest of skins to more oily complexions. The ingredient’s versatility lies in its ability to deliver deep hydration without adding oiliness, making it suitable even for individuals with acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Plus, hyaluronic acid’s moisture-binding characteristic helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a more youthful and radiant complexion.

When selecting a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, it’s crucial to consider a formula that complements your skin’s needs. We suggest looking beyond just the presence of hyaluronic acid, and fully embracing the additional active ingredients that could enhance the product’s superpowers. These could include vitamins, antioxidants, and other hydrating agents.

Top Moisturizers with Hyaluronic Acid That We Recommend

At SalonOtter, we understand the importance of maintaining healthy skin so we’ve scoured the market to round up a selection of top-notch moisturizers with hyaluronic acid.

Whether you’re looking to plump up fine lines, soothe dry skin, or just keep your face looking fresh and hydrated all day long, we’ve got you covered.

Without further ado, here are our favorites that stand out for their quality, ingredients, and most importantly, how our team found them when road-testing each product recently.

Murad’s Ultimate Hydration

With its luxe hydration and unscented charm, Murad’s moisturizer is a solid pick for us dry and sensitive skin types.


  • Offers a deep hydrating experience
  • Feels clean and non-greasy on the skin
  • Unscented formula is great for sensitive noses

Having used Murad’s Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer recently, I noticed my skin felt significantly more supple. Especially after a long, skin-drying flight, this cream was a savior, transforming my skin from parched to dewy.

The product boasts a luxurious texture that drenched my thirsty skin in moisture without leaving a sticky residue behind. In fact, my morning routine now feels incomplete without this moisturizer.

It’s been excellent under makeup, providing a smooth canvas to build on top of. While it is a bit rich, by giving it a moment to absorb fully, I find it creates an ideal base for foundation, helping to minimize those pesky dry patches that makeup tends to cling to.

In the evening, I’ve been using this moisturizer as a last step in my routine, and it’s been bliss. Post-cleansing and serum applications, it locks in all the benefits of my routine beautifully.

Despite the slightly higher price tag, the longevity of hydration and the minimal amount needed each time make it feel like a worthwhile investment.

Peter Thomas Roth Cloud Cream

We think you’ll appreciate this moisturizer for its exceptional hydration and weightless feel, perfect for keeping your skin plump and happy.


  • Infuses skin with moisture for up to 72 hours
  • Featherlight texture that disappears into your complexion
  • Unscented, making it suitable for sensitive skin

After incorporating the Peter Thomas Roth Cloud Cream into our routine, we’ve noticed a remarkable difference in our skin’s hydration levels. This moisturizer truly lives up to its name, offering a cloud-like, barely-there sensation.

It glides on effortlessly, sinking in quickly without leaving any residue – plus we’ve used it under makeup, and it’s safe to say it provides an excellent base, keeping our skin supple throughout the day.

We’re particularly impressed with how it manages to keep our skin hydrated over extended periods. It’s become a go-to for long hours spent in air-conditioned environments. Given its lightweight form and the hydration it offers, it feels like a drink of water for our skin, especially during a recent holiday in the sun when heavy creams can feel too much.

For those with very dry skin, it might need to be supplemented with additional products for adequate nourishment. Yet, we’ve found that a little goes a long way. Despite the size, it lasted longer than expected, making the investment feel more justified.

It’s been a reliable ally in our skincare arsenal, and while it isn’t the most economical choice, it’s a luxurious treat that delivers on its promises.

Vichy Normaderm Moisturizer

If you’re battling with acne, this Vichy moisturizer could be the game-changer you’ve been searching for, based on its targeted formulation.


  • Infused with salicylic acid for effective acne control
  • Non-greasy, lightweight consistency ideal for daily use
  • Incorporates hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, promoting hydrated and bright skin

One of our SalonOtter team has recently incorporated the Vichy Normaderm Moisturizer into their routine, and found its quick-absorbing nature a delight to apply—no more waiting ages for the product to settle!

Designed for acne-prone skin, the combination of salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid works effectively to manage breakouts while ensuring skin stays plumped and hydrated.

Our SalonOtter experience tells us this moisturizer strikes a balance between nourishing skin and ensuring a matte finish, sidestepping the dreaded shine some products leave behind. The added vitamin C gives a brightening boost that’s hard to miss after a few applications.

Yet, it’s worth noting that while our T-zones have taken well to this product, those of you with super dry skin might crave something more emollient.

Overall, for anyone with oily to combination skin dealing with pesky blemishes, Vichy Normaderm is certainly worth considering.

PTR Anti-Aging Gel

We think this cleanser might be a real game-changer for anyone looking to tackle signs of aging, thanks to its clever formulation. We’ve paired it up with a recommendation to use alongside the above PTR cloud cream as they both work so well together.


  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed, not tight
  • Noticeably reduces the appearance of pores
  • Gives a glowing complexion with continued use

Hyaluronic acid is a wonder ingredient in skincare, and this moisturizer from Peter Thomas Roth has worked wonders for our skin’s hydration levels. After just a week of use every morning, our skin felt healthier, and that midday tightness was nowhere to be found.

The texture of this cleansing gel is one of its standout features; it’s silky and doesn’t require a lot of product to feel like you’re giving your skin a thorough cleanse. We’ve noticed a brighter, more peachy complexion that seems to glow without any greasiness. And for those of us who used to skip facial care, this product has made us look forward to our routine.

If you’re sensitive to scents, the peach bellini fragrance while pleasant, could be a bit overwhelming. However, we must confess, the majority of us on the SalonOtter team adore the fresh, clean scent that lingers after each wash—making it feel like a mini spa treatment right in our own bathrooms!

StriVectin SD Advanced Plus

We’ve found this moisturizer to be a top-notch pick for anyone aiming to hydrate their skin and tackle wrinkles.


  • Remarkably hydrating
  • Noticeably diminishes fine lines
  • Consistent use yields visible improvements

StriVectin’s moisturizer is impressively hydrating. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid, our skin felt healthier and deeply moisturized, which is exactly what we were hoping for.

What struck us was the product’s effectiveness on fine lines. With regular application, those lines seemed less pronounced. It’s as if our skin got a subtle, yet thankful, extra youth boost.

While it exfoliates, to maintain that fresh look, you’ll sometimes need to pair it with an additional exfoliant.

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase

We think this moisturizer is a solid pick for anyone seeking hydration without the heaviness, especially if you’re keen on the added benefits of hyaluronic acid.


  • Delivers continuous hydration, leaving skin plump and supple
  • Non-greasy and quick-absorbing formula that’s perfect for daily use
  • Suitable for sensitive skin with its gentle, non-comedogenic ingredients

Upon waking this morning, we noticed that our skin still felt soft to the touch, a testament to the product’s promise of 72-hour hydration. It’s remarkable how a thin layer applied last night worked wonders by the time the sun peeked through our curtains.

Midday, the mirror reflected a subtle glow without the sheen of excess oil you might expect from prolonged wear. It’s impressive that our faces haven’t succumbed to the dreaded midday shine, particularly in the T-zone where we’re usually prone.

As the evening rolled around, it was great that this light moisturizer withstood a full day’s flurry of activities.

Moisturizers with Hyaluronic Acid Buying Guide

Understanding Hyaluronic Acid Concentration

When we’re on the hunt for a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, the concentration is key. Products can range from 0.1% to 2.0%, and your skin type might prefer a specific concentration.

A higher percentage can be more effective for intense hydration, while a lower percentage works well for daily use.

Ingredients Synergy

Let’s look at the companion ingredients. Hyaluronic acid works beautifully with:

  • Vitamins: such as Vitamin C for antioxidant protection
  • Ceramides: to reinforce our skin’s natural barrier
  • Peptides: for skin repair and collagen production

Read the label and ensure these supportive ingredients are present for enhanced benefits.

Texture and Application

You’ll always want to consider texture. Options include:

Skin Type Suggested Texture
Dry Rich Cream
Oily Light Gel
Combo Lotion or Gel-Cream

The texture impacts how the moisturizer feels and absorbs into our skin.


We shouldn’t forget about packaging. Airless pump bottles or tubes do help to prevent oxidation and degradation of hyaluronic acid, ensuring your product will stay effective in the long run.

Skin Compatibility

Finally, make sure you check each product for skin compatibility:

  • For Sensitive Skin: Opt for fragrance-free and alcohol-free options.
  • Non-comedogenic: A must if you’re prone to breakouts.

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