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South Austin Hair Salons: Your Guide to the Best Spots

Written By: author image Gigi Cruz
author image Gigi Cruz

South Austin boasts a diverse array of hair salons that cater to an eclectic clientele. Known for its laid-back atmosphere and cultural richness, there’s a plethora of options for hair care and styling at every turn! So we’ve created our South Austin Hair Salons guide so that you can find out exactly where’s best to go to suit your own individual needs.

South Austin hair salons are as varied as the neighborhood itself, ranging from high-end boutiques offering the latest in hair fashion to cozy spots specializing in classic cuts and styles.

Each salon in South Austin brings its unique flair to the table, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a sleek modern look, a timeless style, or a bold new color, stylists in these salons combine their expert skills with top-notch products to deliver exceptional results.

The emphasis on personalized service is a hallmark of South Austin’s hair salons, making them a go-to destination for those in pursuit of professional hair care in a welcoming setting.

The concentration of hair salons in the 78704 zip code area, particularly, stands out for its commitment to offering an unrivaled experience. They ensure that a visit to the hair and beauty salon is as much about relaxation and rejuvenation as it is about aesthetics.

With always a strong focus on community and putting you, the customer first, South Austin’s hair salons are deservedly a part of the city’s vibrant artistic scene with a hospitable welcome to match.

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Discovering Your Ideal South Austin Hair Salon

If you’re wanting to choose the right hair salon in South Austin then we highly recommend considering the variety of services offered and the reputation of the establishments for providing professional, high-quality care.

South Austin Hair Salons Services and Specializations

Many South Austin salons offer a full range of hair services from basic haircuts to more complex treatments like balayage, highlights, and all-over color. Professionals in these salons are not just stylists, they’re artists and expert stylists who focus on creating a comfortable experience and maintaining healthy hair.

Austin Salon Services Include:Β 

  • Cutting and styling
  • Color services: hair color, balayage, highlights
  • Conditioning and hair treatments
  • Extensions
  • Bridal services including makeup
  • Natural hair care
  • Lasio Keratin Treatment
  • Blow-dry sessions

Our Top-Rated South AustinΒ Hair Salons

We’ve extensively researched the best South Austin hair salons so you don’t have to. Some of our favorite salonsΒ include:

Urban Betty Salon

Specialty: Color services, haircuts, and styling
Location: 404 W. Annie St., Austin, TX 78704

Shag Salon

Specialty: Customized haircuts, color, and extensions
Location: 2203 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78704


Specialty: Precision cuts, color, and balayage
Location: 1601 E. 5th St. #103, Austin, TX 78702 (close to South Austin)

Garbo A Salon & Spa

Specialty: Haircuts, color, and sustainable beauty practices
Location: 7739 Northcross Dr., Austin, TX 78757 (not far from South Austin)

Birds Barbershop

Specialty: Haircuts, color services, and a relaxed atmosphere
Location: 1902 S. Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704

L7 Salon

Specialty: Haircuts, color, and keratin treatments
Location: 3401 S. Lamar Blvd. Suite 3129, Austin, TX 78704

These South Austin hair salons are highly regarded for their expert stylists, their extreme dedication to giving you a fresh, comfortable experience during each salon visit, and their convenient locations in South Austin.

South Austin Hair Salons View

Making the Most of Your Salon Experience

When seeking salon services in South Austin, preparing for your visit and choosing the right stylist are critical steps toward ensuring a satisfactory and comfortable experience.

Before and After Visiting the Salon

Preparation: To maximize the benefits of your salon visit, schedule an appointment in advance. This is especially important for high-demand services like haircuts, colorist consultations, and special occasion styling such as wedding hair. South Austin salons, often located on bustling streets such as South Congress Avenue, can be busy, making it important to book ahead. Prepare a list of treatments you wish to receive, from blowouts and haircuts to nail care, to communicate clearly with the salon staff.

Post-Visit Care: Proper hair care after your salon visit will help keep your hair healthy, whether it’s color treatment, an updo, or a standard haircut. Salons in South Austin typically provide professional advice on maintaining your look so make sure you come with ALL The questions!

It’s usually beneficial to invest in the hair care products recommended by your hairstylist, tailored to your specific hair type, such as products for thick hair or color-treated hair.

Connecting with the Right Stylist for Your Needs

Identify Your Lifestyle and Style Preferences: Understanding your daily routine and style preferences helps in selecting a stylist who excels in the services you require.

Whether you’re looking for a colorist skilled in balayage or a hair stylist known for sharp, modern haircuts, letting them know if you’re a regular gym goer or work in a hot environment, will allow your stylist to tailor services effectively.

Build a Relationship: Building a rapport with your stylist at your chosen South Austin hair salon will lead to a more personalized and effortless experience.

Be clear about your expectations, and provide examples or mood boards if possible.

A good stylist will listen to your needs, suggest options that align with your desired outcome, and ensure that your appointment is a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

Wherever you go, we hope our South Austin Hair Salons Guide has helped you make the right decision for you!

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